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The Friends of the Library board usually meets at 6pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the library (ask the Librarian for which conference room we are in and to confirm meeting date). 

Meetings are open to the public and the Friends are always looking for new volunteers to help the library with it's missions and goals - we'd love to see you at one of Board Meetings!

To Join the Friends of the North University City Library, you can click on the following link for our membership form.  Please fill it out and drop it off at the Friends of the Library Bookstore near the entrance or mail it to: 

Friends of the North University City Library

8820 Judicial Drive

San Diego, CA 92122


All memberships and donations to the North University City Friends of the Library are tax deductible!


Patrons $10k, $5k, $1k

Patrons are the biggest supporters of our library.  In addition to being members for life, patrons have the opportunity have their names listed on a plaque in the library's wall of supporters.  We offer three plaques sizes ranging from $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 in cost, proportional to the size of the plaque.  These donations allow for you or a loved one's name to inscribed physically on a library supporters wall plaque near the entrance of the library.


Life Members

For a one time payment of $250, you will become a life member of our library.  A life membership provides an extra level of support to our library. 


Annual membership

An annual membership helps provide support to our library and helps pay for programs and materials at the library.  Our annual membership rates are as follows:


Family: $20

Individual: $10

Individual Senior: $5

As the Friends of the North University City Library is a purely volunteer organization, 100% of the proceeds of your gift go to providing programs and materials that help the community enjoy our library. Thank you!

Membership: Get Involved

Our meetings are open to the public. Please plan to attend and consider being an active part of our library. 

Our regular meeting time is 6pm the third Tuesday of each month.

Membership: Get Involved
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